St.Louis Floral Design Studio


7.8.2020-Quarantine Bride

It’s been a crazy time for all of us. Our hearts break for our couples who have had to cancel or postpone their big days. When some of our favorite people came together and decided to have some fun with the situation, magic was created. To say we needed this shoot is an understatement. When your business is your passion and it all comes to a screeching halt, it’s not good for your heart and soul! This shoot was the perfect way to get back into the game and we hope you enjoy the designs as much we did!

Thank you Trent Broglin Photography for the amazing photos!

6.5.2020-Your Heart

This blog was going to be all about our love for styled shoots but with the events going on in our country we just couldn't imagine writing about anything else but the #blacklivesmatter movement. Here I sit on a summer day, watching my kids run around the yard, planning next week’s wedding. It should be the perfect day, but my heart is heavy and my mind is wondering.

I am a young white women who owns a business. As a women business owner I have faced my challenges and have had to break down barriers. No, it hasn't been easy. I have had sleepless nights, doubted myself, and shed many tears. I couldn't image facing these challenges and also being judged by the color of my skin. It makes me tear up even thinking of it. For that, I commend my wedding industry colleagues of color who have faced this challenge and gave it the middle finger. You inspire us and we respect you immensely!

I am not going to act like I know how it feels to be judged by the color of my skin but I can promise this.....We will educate and teach those cute Rouge babes to show love and respect for all and not judge a person by the color of their skin but to embrace the diversity and culture. We will hold ourselves and fellow vendors accountable for treating everyone with respect. We will only advertise with those who advertise with equality and diversity. We will work harder to show diversity in our social media. We will be more conscious to show diversity through our work in styled shoots. We will be open minded and continue the conversation.

For us it is simple....we do not judge you by the color of your skin but by the character of your heart. We commend you, the kind hearted black business owners who simply want the respect you deserve. You inspire us, the kind hearted black entrepreneur who wants to follow your dreams and do what you love. We have love for the kind hearted mixed couple who deserve the wedding of your dreams! Our thoughts, prayers, and hearts are with our country in this time of need and uncertainty.



Team Rouge



Well it's May 13th around here and we are in the grind of the new normal. COVID-19 has take a toll on everyone in the event industry but with our new found "down" time we here at Rouge have made the best of it! We are re-organized, we have donated flowers, we have revamped our website, we have started blogging (be patient world's worst speller here!) We have also started offering special event services and we have learned then mastered new design skills! 

Another important thing we have done is reflected! We have reflected on how in love with flowers we are, how blessed we are to have such amazing families and support systems, and how much our past, present and future couples have meant to us! 

Hope you all are staying safe and healthy out there! 


Team Rouge